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ACT Essay Tips For Writers

ACT Essay Tips

ACT Essay DOs and DON’Ts

The ACT Essay Writing Test is a short essay given at the very end of the standardized ACT that tests a student’s academic writing skills. The exam usually has two questions to complete; one that discusses a major dilemma and a second that presents three different views on that issue. As in any written essay, students should strive to follow the guidelines set forth for that section to be successful.

First, students must prepare for their essay by reading all of the essay guidelines provided with their test. In addition to having a good grasp of what is expected of them, students also need to write and edit their essays before they submit it. Any changes should be made in the margins of the document so that if a question is asked about the essay, it can be easily answered. The last thing a student needs is to have an article rejected because of a small error in grammar or punctuation.

Second, when writing an essay, students should keep their essay from becoming too long or boring. It is best not to break the essay into paragraphs, but rather make use of bullets instead. This can save the students a lot of time by dividing the article into three or four sections, which means that they can work with fewer words per paragraph. Additionally, they do not have to worry about being required to write essays on subjects they are unfamiliar with.

Third, as in any other type of essay, the act essay tip for students to avoid is to take breaks. Even though they may find themselves focused on writing, the ACT is not going to allow them to forget that they are taking an examination. Therefore, they must take their breaks when necessary. They may want to do some research online or perhaps go to the library to refresh their memory.

The act essay tip for students to remember is to focus on one aspect of the topic for which they are writing. In other words, they should not be trying to write an entire article on a single topic, especially if they have a limited amount of information, to begin with. Instead, they should focus on one or two key ideas on the topic and then expand on those ideas as they continue their essay. The student should take a short break between each section of the essay so that they can refresh their memory and get a better understanding of what they have just read.

Finally, the act essay tip for students to follow is to always make sure that they have an ending point for their article, even if they must divide the essay into chapters. The ACT requires that each student provide an ending to each essay so that it appears as if they are making a series of separate essays.

ACT essay writing can be a lot of fun, but many things can go wrong along the way. Before a student takes their ACT, they should make sure that they are properly prepared for this test. As they proceed through the essays, students should read the tips listed above to ensure that their essay is a success.

Remember, the most important tip is to write an essay well and don’t take your ACT too seriously. You need to enjoy the process of writing and take pride in your work. If you can avoid these tips and focus on what you are trying to accomplish, you will be able to pass the ACT with flying colors.

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