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Architects Study Opportunities

Architects Study Opportunities

We have prepared a new selection of international competitions. This time, the idea of how to show yourself to the world is designed for architects who will be able to gain recognition, win a grant and even travel.

Residence in the school Akademie Schloss Solitude, Germany

For sixteen years, an art residence has been functioning in Stuttgart under the Akademie Schloss Solitude. During this time, more than 1300 people from all over the world took part in its programs. The creative activity of the residents of the project lasts from three months to one year.

Representatives of such disciplines as architecture, design, literature, painting, as well as specialists in economics, history, humanities and social sciences are waiting in the residence. For all participants there is a general condition: each candidate must be a fluent spiker of one of three languages: English, French or German.

Young specialists up to 35 years are invited to participate in the residence. Documents from a candidate older than this age will be considered only if the study at the university was completed by him no more than five years ago.

All details are indicated on the website of the residence.

The Schindler Global Award, Brazil

Schindler Global Award is looking for talents! The international competition was created precisely to search for new architectural ideas. This year’s event will be held in Brazil. The prize fund of the contest is 100,000 euros.

Authors of architectural projects should show their vision of the development of Sao Paulo – one of the most densely populated cities in South America. The main emphasis should be made on mobility, which brings dynamics, improves the lives of people in the megacity and the surrounding area. The projects of the contestants must meet the most important needs of the modern city.

Students from universities who study in the specialties “Architecture”, “Urban Construction”, “Planning“, “Landscape Architecture” can compete for prizes. To participate, candidates must register on the contest website. More information on the terms of the contest by this link.

Competition of architectural ideas Fairy Tales-2018, USA

To win this amazing contest, it’s not enough to be just an architect – participants need to come up with an unusual fairy tale based on an architectural project. The authors should supplement their history with five illustrations.

The competition is held for the fourth year in a row – during this time it has acquired the status of one of the most fascinating spectacles in the world of architecture and design. Following the results of “Fairy Tales” a collection of stories is published.

The organizers of the contest – the architectural online platform Blank Space – invite creative people from all over the world to participate. The authors of the most amazing tales will receive cash prizes: for the first place – $ 2,000, the second – $ 1,000, the third – $ 500. In addition, each of the winners will receive a scholarship of $ 500 to implement the project.

Registration of candidates is held on the Fairy Tales-2018 website. To submit your competitive application (a fairy tale in English from 800-1400 words and five illustrations), you can ask a question about the work of the competition by e-mail, indicating the subject of the letter – “Fairy Tales Q & A”.

Design competition “The wall”, Great Britain

A wall made up of a million bricks, each brick makes sense, because it represents the answer to prayer. It sounds fantastic, but this project will be translated into reality. The Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA) is already considering the idea of the contestants to create a unique wall of the size of 62 houses, which will be created on the side of the motorway.

In the first half of the year, nearly 50,000 pounds sterling was collected for the project through the king-face portals. The funds that will remain after the implementation of the project, the organizers will give to charitable needs.

The competition was created for architects, sculptors, artists and engineers. The authors of the five best projects will receive 4,000 pounds each, as well as the opportunity to finalize their idea and bring it to perfection. However, only one project will be created in reality. Organizers believe that the appearance of an amazing wall will bring terrain economic benefits.

Details of participation on the site “The wall“.

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