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Business Education in Different Countries

Business education in different countries

To get an education in the MBA program is incredibly prestigious. This is an opportunity to acquire the status of a specialist international manager and a push to create and develop your own business. We have prepared a selection of the best educational institutions that produce future world leaders in business.

International Institute for Management Development

IMD Business School (Lausanne, Switzerland) has a strong focus on entrepreneurs. The cost of training here is very high, and the receipt process is quite complicated.

The entrant can choose one of the university’s programs: MBA, Executive MBA, second Executive MBA program. The latter was developed by IMD in conjunction with the GKGSB Higher School of Business (China) and is aimed at managers with at least ten years of experience who want to build a career in business that connects China with the outside world. Also, IMD can take short-term non-academic programs for an entrepreneur without a degree, online management courses or attend coaching sessions for managers and entrepreneurs. Business schools can be trained not only by private individuals but also by entire companies interested in developing their employees.

The cost of the MBA program is 60,000 francs, but you can break the payment into four parts. Accommodation, meals, transportation, teaching materials, participation in various projects cost an average of 61,000 francs. The total annual budget is approximately 121,000 francs.

You can try to ease the financial burden somewhat and participate in the IMD MBA Future Leaders Scholarships. The amount of the scholarship is 30,000 francs. Three students demonstrating their leadership qualities can obtain it. Candidates must fill out an application, write an essay on the topic “It should be no less than 750 words. The application form and an example of an essay can be viewed on the website of the business school.

Enter the business school for the MBA program may graduate bachelors who have at least three years of experience and possess an excellent knowledge of two languages, one of which must be English. You can estimate your chances for admission in advance by filling out a profile on the website of the school. Applications are accepted five times a year. It should include a photograph, a resume, a GMTA or GRE test result, three recommendations and transcripts of diplomas in English with a list of ratings, an average score and a notarization. The registration fee for applying is 350 francs.

The IMD school does not need to provide the results of the TOEFL and IELTS tests: if the selection committee becomes interested in the candidate, an invitation will be sent to him to conduct the Assessment Day, where they will assess the knowledge of foreign languages.

Assessment Day includes an interview, a presentation without preparation for one of the topics that the commission suggests, discussion of the case in a group led by an IMD professor, attending a business school as an observer, and lunch with students and graduates of the school. After such an eventful day, the final decision on enrollment will be made.

Business School at Warwick University

The MBA from Warwick Business School (Coventry, UK) opens doors to international companies around the world. The University is ranked 25th in the Financial Times’ list of the best business schools.

You can go through some programs:

  • classical MBA program,
  • executive MBA,
  • remote MBA program,
  • master’s programs in various business specializations,
  • short-term courses for managers without the award of scholarships.

The year of study here costs 34,400 pounds, but payment by installments is possible (50% -25% -25%). Every year the school awards scholarships to especially distinguished students. To learn more about financial assistance, click here.

Minimum requirements for admission to the Warwick Business School – is the availability of a Bachelor’s Degree, excellent command of English and experience in leadership positions for at least three years. Important motivation, desire to learn, non-standard thinking and the ability to work in a team. Applications for admission are accepted online; it is also necessary to attach a resume, two recommendations, a diploma, the results of tests in English (TOEFL, IELTS, PTE or CPE) and a GMAT test (no lower than 650). After reviewing the application, an interview takes place, which will take place in the UK or Skype, if the applicant does not have the opportunity to come.

Information for applicants is available on the university’s website.

Rotterdam School of Management

To study in the country of tulips – sounds beautifully. The Rotterdam School of Management (Netherlands) is popular among young careerists, is renowned for its high quality education and flexible programs:

  • classic MBA,
  • executive MBA,
  • double MBA/masters program,
  • postgraduate study in the specialty “Management”,
  • preparatory courses (pre-Masters)
  • short-term business programs without awarding a degree.

The cost of training is 44.000 euros per year. But students can get a scholarship. It is distributed depending on the country of which the candidate is a citizen, the abilities and potential of the student. There is financial assistance specifically for women who want to get a business education. Details on the site.

Graduates with a bachelor’s degree, excellent knowledge of English and work experience of at least three years can enter the management school. To the application for admission, you must attach:

  • a resume, a photo, a copy of the first page of the passport;
  • two letters of recommendation (the third one at will);
  • official transcripts of the diplomas;
  • the results of the GMAT or GRE test;
  • three mandatory essays.

After consideration of documents, the candidate is invited to an interview, following which a final decision is made.

HEC Paris

Entrepreneurs can be trained at the French business school (Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales), one of the best in Europe by programs:

  • classical MBA (12-16 months),
  • part-time MBA (18-24 months),
  • short-term summer courses on various aspects of business and management,
  • dual programs are combining an MBA from HEC Paris with an MBA from another school or a
  • master’s degree in various specializations.

The cost of schooling is 48,000 euros, but 55% of students receive scholarships each year (an average of 11.000 euros). Details about the scholarship programs are here.

Applicants must have a higher education diploma of at least a bachelor’s degree and work experience of at least three years. The Admissions Committee pays much attention to the candidate’s successes, his leadership potential, personal qualities, international experience, ability to work in a team. It is also essential for them to see the applicant’s motivation for studying under the MBA program.

One of the features of HEC Paris – the possibility of a preliminary assessment of their chances of admission. To do this, you need to fill out a profile on the website of the business school, indicating information about your education, work experience and qualifications. If the profile was rated as promising, it’s time to fill out the application. It includes a resume, a photo, a copy of the passport, official transcripts of diplomas, essays, two recommendations, the results of GMAT or GRE and the English test (TOEFL, IELTS or PTE). The registration fee is 130 euros. Weekly admission committee reviews applications and decides who to invite for an interview. After that, the lists of the received are formed. More information about the information can be found on the university’s website.

IE Business School

Among the CFOs of the largest international companies, you can often meet IE graduates (Madrid, Spain). The training programs here are the classical MBA (in IE it is called the International MBA), the Executive MBA, the master’s programs in the specialization “Management” and “Finances”, postgraduate courses and short courses in various business areas. One year of study costs 60.000 euros, but scholarships are covering 50% of the cost of training. More details – here.

Those who have higher education, a minimum of three years of work experience and are proficient in Spanish or English can enter this school. The application should be accompanied by:

  • CV, photo and copy of the passport;
  • two recommendations, transcripts of the available diplomas;
  • the results of the IE Global Admissions Test, GMAT or GRE test;
  • certificates confirming the level of English proficiency (TOEFL, IELTS, CAE, PTE) or Spanish (DELE, DIE or Camara de Comercio de Madrid) in the language.

Registration fee – 125 euros. Then follows an interview on the campus of the school in Madrid or on Skype.

Walter Haas School of Business

The famous University of California Berkeley (USA) includes a business school, where you can get an MBA diploma, as well as a doctorate in business and economics. The cost of training is $ 57,000 per year. About 70% of students receive scholarships, which are allocated by the business school, external organizations and funds. Also, there are educational loans for local and international students.

An application for admission can be submitted by a graduate with a bachelor’s degree. The accompanying documents are summaries, essays (2-3), which contain an answer to the questions suggested by the business school, recommendations (at least two), transcripts of the studied subjects and assessments, the results of the GMAT or GRE and TOEFL test or IELTS. It will be necessary to pay a fee for consideration of introductory documents – $ 200. After considering the application, the business school invites candidates for an interview that takes place on campus or in different cities around the world.

All information for applicants on the website of the university.

Graduate School of Business at Stanford University

This is one of the best business schools not only in the US, but also in the world. Contacts established during study here will help to find a good job or partners for a startup.

Here you can get training on a classical two-year MBA program or an annual master’s degree in management. Also, students are offered a program on innovation and entrepreneurship Stanford Ignite, after which a certificate is issued, and about 50 short-term non-academic courses (without assigning an academic degree).

Training costs $ 61,875, taking into account all costs, the student’s annual budget is about $ 100,000. Certificate of Innovation and Entrepreneurship – $ 8,000. Individual non-academic courses will cost $ 1000.

To pay for tuition they can apply for an educational loan or apply for a scholarship. Details about getting financial assistance here.

Entrance to the Higher School of Business can be those who have at least a bachelor’s degree. To enroll, you must provide a summary, the results of GMAT or GRE and TOEFL tests, IELTS or PTE, transcripts of the available diplomas, two recommendations, essays and information about personal and professional achievements. Also, you must pay a registration fee of $ 275. After consideration of the application, if she is interested in the commission, the candidate is invited for an interview, which graduates of the business school in different regions conduct.

Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania

This is one of the oldest and most prestigious business schools in the world. Her students can get not only an MBA degree but also a doctorate in business (PhD). There are short-term non-academic courses in management. Training costs $ 68,000, taking into account all costs (training materials, housing and other needs), the budget is about $ 98,000.

As in the Graduate School of Business at Stanford University, students at the Wharton School can also apply for a loan or scholarship. More details about getting financial assistance can be found on the website.

Enroll in the Wharton school can graduates with a Bachelor’s degree and excellent knowledge of English. The application is sent online with the following documents: a questionnaire, essays, transcripts of the marks received during the study in the bachelor’s degree (originals are given after enrollment), two letters of recommendation and the results of GMAT or GRE and TOEFL tests.

Particular attention in the preparation of documents should be given an essay. It should include a detailed answer to the question proposed by the school. This is an essential part of the package of documents, according to the essay, the selection committee often judges the professional and personal qualities of the candidate.

The registration fee is $ 265. After the interview is conducted in the school itself or in any corner of the world, where there are representatives of the business school. Information on the site.


The school occupies high positions in the ratings; it is often called the European Harvard. There are available one-year MBA programs, master programs with the specialization “Finance”, postgraduate studies in management with a PhD degree and short courses without a degree. The year of study costs 62,500 euros, but about 19% of students annually receive a scholarship.

Applicants must have a bachelor’s degree, work experience and excellent knowledge of English. The application will require a resume, two letters of recommendation, a photograph, five required essays, the results of GMAT or GRE and TOEFL tests, IELTS or PTE. After an interview is conducted, usually in the country of the candidate, then the application is reviewed, and a final decision is made. The registration fee is 250 euros. Details of the receipt.

Harvard Business School

This is the case when the name of the school speaks for itself. Prestigious, famous, with a high level of training and competition for admission, as well as the sky-high career opportunities for graduates. Here they provide training in MBA, PhD, double programs and short-term courses in various areas. The cost of the study is $ 59,000. About 65% of students receive a different form of financial assistance each year. More details can be found here.

Required conditions for admission to Harvard School (Boston, USA) business are:

  • bachelor’s degree,
  • GMAT or GRE test,
  • TOEFL, IELTS or iBT.

To apply, you need to collect a package of documents, which includes a summary, an essay, two recommendations and transcripts of the courses passed in the baccalaureate and the grades obtained. Also, it is taken into account which courses were passed in the bachelor’s degree and on what topics the course and diploma papers were written. What matters is the university in which you studied. All information must be translated into English. After consideration of the application may be invited for an interview, but this is not yet a guarantee of enrollment. Interviews are held in Boston, different parts of the world and on the Internet. More information here.

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