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Education and Opportunities for IT Professionals

Education and Opportunities for IT Professionals

Do you want to become a computer genius, get international experience and work in leading companies? Those who understand the postings, chips, sites, have the opportunity to get an international education, a grant for their project or an internship in the best organizations in the world.

Today, such specializations as “Information Technologies”, “Multimedia”, “Computer Science”, “Software” and “Programming” are the most popular abroad.

IT education system

Pre-university and Bachelor’s levels of study are of a theoretical nature. Further, the student already receives more narrowly focused specialization. It can be computer modeling, programming languages, multimedia, creation and development of computer games, computer engineering, design and graphics, the development of artificial intelligence and other areas.

Requirements for IT applicants

Yesterday’s school leavers may not have the experience of studying IT disciplines, but a good knowledge of mathematics and physics will be clear benefits at admission. University graduates wishing to continue their education abroad should be familiar with the process and programming languages (Python, C ++, Haskell, Java, Pascal and others), and knowledge of psychology and sociology will not be superfluous. Those who have a bachelor’s degree in a related specialty can enter the Master’s program.

Universities with IT training programs

Many foreign universities offer not only traditional specializations, but also interesting thematic courses. For example, the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology University in Australia is constantly developing relevant programs in the field of creating computer games and mobile applications. And the British Bournemouth University conducts training on such unusual specialties as visual effects and animation.

Iowa State University, USA

Here the training takes place in three main areas: electronic, computer and software engineering. The cost of training is $ 18,000-20,000, but there are several types of financial support. Those who only enter the university can receive a scholarship on the basis of their academic achievements at school. And already during the training you can apply for financial assistance. This can be a university scholarship, private funding, a fellowship of the department. The size of the grant varies from $ 40,000 to $ 50,000 per year. But it is better to clarify the information in the dean’s office or on the university’s website.

On the university’s website, there is a separate page with a description of all the requirements for admission, as well as a list of tests that are mandatory for the surrender. You can find it here.

Bournemouth University, United Kingdom

Graduates of the faculty of computer animation of this university worked on the films “The Lord of the Rings”, “Gladiator” and “Star Wars.” Training programs are offered here on cybersecurity, information technology, the development of computer games and other areas, which can be studied in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral studies. Depending on the chosen program and the level of training, the requirements for applicants also changes. But there are also general ones: a school certificate of complete secondary education, translated into English, an IELTS certificate (5.0 points), a Foundation certificate, or an evaluation report from the university translated into English, and an IELTS certificate (6.0 points) for admission to bachelor’s degree; Bachelor’s degree and IELTS certificate (7.0 points) – for admission to the magistracy. The cost of training is $ 20,700.

On the official website of the university there is a special page for foreign students with all the information necessary for entering and moving to the UK.

University of Waikato, New Zealand

This university is perfect for those who are going to engage in the science, design or development of computers and software. The university is innovative and develops topical training programs in the field of computer technologies. The cost of training is $ 16,000-18,000.

For admission, IELTS will be required – at least 6.0 points (for some specialties, higher results will good – 7.0, 7.5), or TOFEL – from 550 points on PBT, from 79-80 to iBT.

Detailed information on the university’s website.

Sunway University, Malaysia

This university is one of the best in the country and one of the best in Asia. The university cooperates with many educational institutions around the world. There are inexpensive education and transfer programs that allow you to study in Malaysia and other countries.

Education according to the “2 + 1” or “1 + 2” schemes – first studying at a university in Malaysia, then in one of the universities of another country (2 years in Malaysia and one year in another country and one year in Malaysia and two years in another country, respectively). Upon completion of the training, a double diploma is awarded at a foreign partner university.

The “3 + 0” scheme allows you to get a double diploma without leaving Malaysia. The training is conducted according to the program of a Western university.

“2 + 2” is two years of study in Malaysia and two years in the USA.

Partner universities where students can study under the “3 + 0” scheme are Lancaster University, the University of Manchester in England, Monash University, Victoria University in Australia and Western Michigan University in the United States.

At the University of Malaysia, you can get a degree in IT, computer science, software or graphic engineering and game development. The cost of training is $ 7.300. Conditions of admission directly depend on the chosen program, they can be found here.

The official website of the university.

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Malaysia

Most IT professionals and professional engineers in Asia are graduates of the Malaysian University of Technology. Here you can get specialization in software engineering, multimedia and graphics software, computer networks and security, as well as IT-management and bioinformatics. The cost of training is $ 8,000-10,000.

General requirements for admission:

  • age from 18 years;
  • the level of knowledge of English: IELTS 5.5, TOEFL59 – for undergraduate and IELTS 6.0, TOEFL 79 – for master’s degree;
  • academic requirements: GPA from 3.0.

Each specialty has its own conditions for enrollment, which are posted on the university’s website.

IT scholarship programs

To ease the financial burden of future computer geniuses, many large IT companies provide scholarships and grants to students.

Microsoft Scholarship Program

This scholarship program is designed for students of universities in the US, Canada and Mexico, studying technology, engineering, computer science and mathematics. To get a scholarship, you need to have good academic results, excellent leadership skills and great interest in computer science.

The Google Anita Borg Scholarship

This program is available to women of any nationality who study computer science at bachelor, master and PhD levels in universities in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. A scholarship of 7.000 euros is awarded by academic merit.

Paid IT internships

The good news is that there are organizations that offer some annually paid internships in the field of IT.

Capital One is a well-known American holding company specializing in credit cards, mortgage loans and other financial services. As a rule, the internship lasts from July to August. Trainees can work in New York, Texas or Virginia. During practice, they interact with highly qualified specialists and business leaders, which helps to gain invaluable work experience and develop professional skills. Detailed information is available on the website.

Daimler is one of the largest automotive concerns in Germany. The company offers IT specialists to pass an internship during their studies. Practice for students lasts 3-6 months, and an internship for graduates from 15 to 18 months. Mandatory condition – excellent command of English or German. The selection of candidates takes place in several stages: a resume, an online test, a telephone interview and an evaluation center. You can follow the terms of application and the details of the programs on the company’s website in the “Career” section.

Chevron is a well-known integrated energy company in the US and one of the largest corporations in the world, the second in America after ExxonMobil. She provides an opportunity to work in San Ramon, Houston, Covington, Concord, Richmond and Bakersfield. Trainees gain experience in the company of highly qualified employees. Students can apply for undergraduate or graduate students. Details of the internship on the company’s website.

BlackRock is the largest investment company. To get here for an internship, it is necessary to be a graduate of the university at the age of 21-28 with good academic performance, fluent in English and have experience in the field of information technology. The company invites not only IT specialists to cooperate. On all questions you can contact thru the company’s website.

British Petroleum is a well-known British oil and gas company. Each year, she hires up to 110 trainees, mostly postgraduates, who work with experienced and highly qualified colleagues. The internship lasts from 11 weeks to 12 months. Criteria for the selection are the excellent command of English, the availability of professional education in IT-related specialties or related fields and experience in the field of information technology. More information on the company’s website.

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