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Grants and Scholarships in the US Universities

Grants and scholarships in the US universities

The US provides many grants and scholarships for education or research not only to US citizens but also to foreigners. Each financial assistance program for a student, graduate student, young scientist or specialist has its requirements, criteria, conditions and goals. And they can also be called differently based on their purpose.

Sources of USA education financing

Sources of funding for education are government funds, non-governmental organizations and the educational institutions themselves, both public and private.

Perhaps the most famous among the programs established and funded by the government is the Fulbright Student Program. It is designed for senior students of undergraduate, graduate students, graduates and young professionals of any industry and specialization (except medicine) from around the world. Participants are given the opportunity to study in the US for at least one academic year, receiving, in addition to knowledge and skills, also the experience of intercultural communication and professional activities in the chosen speciality. There are numerous countries among the countries participating in the program, in which Fulbright also operates FTA (Fulbright Language Teaching Assistant) for young English teachers. Member FLTA for nine months working as an assistant teacher in one of the American colleges, as well as studying subjects related to American culture and history and teaching English.

An example of a non-governmental foundation is The NextGen Scholarship Fund. Fund for financial assistance to international students, established by the consulting company P.E.R.K. Consulting, each year provides a one-time scholarship of $ 1,000 to support training in American universities. The scholarship is available only to college students in three US states: Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. Unlike most scholarships and grants that are designed for graduate or graduate students, The NextGen Scholarship is available to alumni of the American high school and community college, continuing education in the undergraduate program.

The choice of scholarships, the source of which is the universities themselves, is much larger, and their focus and tasks are much broader, because of which approximately the same under the conditions of the program can be called in different ways.

Types of USA scholarships

Financial support is provided by specific requirements and criteria for candidates. As a rule, it is issued not in the form of money, but in the form of a discount, full or partial payment for studies and other costs related to training and life in the United States.

Merit-based and need-wased

The most common type of scholarship is a merit-based scholarship. It is offered by the majority of educational institutions to entrants and students of a different level for excellent academic performance and special achievements in studies. For example, the Illinois State University has developed several merit-based programs for international students:

  • Presidential scholarship of up to 11 thousand dollars a year (44 thousand for four years of study in a bachelor’s degree);
  • Redbird Academic Scholarship for first-year students of 1 to 4 thousand dollars per year and even a minimal one-time assistance in the amount of $ 1,000 for students of the last undergraduate degree receiving a corresponding diploma or certificate of graduation (Graduate Certificate).

The need-based scholarship is financial support for low-income students when their families do not have the opportunity to pay for their studies and related costs. This type of scholarship is available only to US citizens. But some universities create this opportunity for foreigners, such as Emory University in Atlanta. By the way, students who have transferred to this university from another, too, can apply for funding.

Specialized Scholarships

The student-specific scholarship is designed for students of specific categories. This can be, for example, religious scholarships, scholarships for women, scholarships for students from developing countries, for national minorities and others.

The career-specific scholarship is a scholarship or grant for training in a particular speciality, for obtaining a specific profession. For example, the New York> Film Academy annually allocates grants for training in a master’s degree in some specialities.

A particular university issues the college-specific scholarship to students with excellent academic performance, who are promising specialists and in whom the university is interested in whatever reasons. For example, the terms of funding may oblige the scholarship holder after a diploma to work out a particular time at the university as a teacher.

Athletic scholarship or sports scholarship is intended for the student with impressive sporting achievements. Often these grants are provided by the university, where sport plays a big role in university life.

The bursary is a kind of financial aid offered by the university to students for public work. Often, funding is provided in the form of a discount on training (25-50%), as well as providing jobs at the campus (or improving the chances of getting them). At the same time, “public works” can be very different and can relate to various aspects of student life: help in organizing and holding events, working with communities, in centers of intercultural communication, volunteer activity, and so on. A large number of such programs are offered by many universities: the University of Oregon, the Michigan State University and others.

“Advanced” education Scholarships

Practically all educational institutions of the USA offering postgraduate education (magistracy, postgraduate study), enable international students and graduates of appropriate levels to apply for financial support for their scientific research – fellowship.

The fellowship is a scholarship focused more on preparing a student for scientific work, conducting research and so on. For example, the Western Carolina University offers postgraduate programs in the field of education.

Another option is a grant. According to the criteria, it is similar in many ways to scholarships, but it can presuppose any reporting on the expenditure of funds and the performance of individual works provided for by the terms of the grant. Often a grant is allocated for work or research in a particular direction.

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