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Internships for Students of Engineering and Business Specialties

Internships for Students of Engineering and Business Specialties

Today we will talk about 5 French companies that are interested in attracting talented students and young professionals planning to engage in engineering and business activities.

International annual program for masters from GroupeSeb

Many consumers are familiar with such brands as TEFAL, ROWENTA, MOULINEX, KRUPS. Products manufactured under these trademarks belong to the multi-branded French holding Groupe SEB. The company has long existed in the market, and its products are represented in 150 countries. The corporation successfully competes in the sphere of small home appliances due to the creation and use of innovative technologies.

Groupe SEB is interested in attracting talented professionals and students and regularly conducts internships and programs that allow young professionals to become part of its team.

Annually the company conducts a competition among students for participation in the annual international program “The International MasterClass program”. Participants in this project are interned in the company for one year. The first six months interns work in the French offices of the company. The remaining six months students are trained in another country where the company’s representative offices are located. It can be the USA, Brazil, China, European countries. During the internship, students get acquainted with the peculiarities of the work of the supply, marketing, accounting, finance, research and development departments. Participation in the program will allow students to gain experience working in an international company, to understand the specifics of the small appliances market, to see “from within” how a large holding company functions.

The program is designed for students of engineering and business specialties who are fluent in English. To apply, you must fill out the form provided on the company’s website. Application for participation should be sent no later than November – mid-January. Applicants who successfully pass the interview will be accepted as trainees in March. The questions of paying for the internship should be clarified with the organizers.

Internship from L’Oreal in Dubai

French cosmetics and perfumes are considered to be among the best in the world. And it’s not accidental: in France, many large companies were created, which today are leaders of the world cosmetic market. Among these holdings – the oldest company L’Oreal, founded in 1909 by chemist Eugene Schueller in the suburbs of Paris.

The top brands of the company are Biotherm, The Body Shop, Garnier, Vichy, Lancome. Annually the firm invests vast funds in the innovative production of its products. In total in the department of research and development of L’Oreal, there are 3817 employees of 60 nationalities, most of whom are women.

The company annually offers a huge number of internships in its representative offices in different countries. This year, L’Oreal, a Middle East unit based in Dubai, announces the recruitment of undergraduate and graduate students (no later than one year after graduation) to participate in the Supply Chain Graduate Program. The program will allow participants to master the skills of working with the most significant suppliers and factories of the company, located in different parts of the world.

Trainees should have a technical mindset and understand the specifics of building a company’s business processes, have a reasonable level of English. Among the declared requirements are also indicated computer literacy, good knowledge of the Excel program, ability to solve complex logistics tasks.

The internship will begin on January 10 and will last from 6 to 12 months. Trainees will have to be present at the company’s office full time.

The application for participation in the program is submitted via an electronic form, posted on the company’s portal. Questions about the payment of the internship should be specified by the organizers of the program also.

International internship for young specialists from Airbus

Airbus – one of the most famous companies in the field of aviation. The holding’s headquarters are in Toulouse, and offices are scattered around the world. The company produces products not only in the field of civil, but also military aviation. For several years, Airbus has successfully competed with its main rival in the aircraft building market – the American corporation Boeing.

To maintain a stable position in the aviation business of the company not only high-tech innovative solutions help but also qualified personnel. Understanding the importance of effective personnel policy, Airbus annually attracts promising young professionals to its staff.

The opportunity to pass an internship in a company like Airbus is a dream for many. One of the most interesting internships is the Airbus Group International Graduate Program. This program is aimed at young specialists in the field of mechanical engineering, power engineering, heat power engineering, business and computer technology. Preference is given to candidates who have worked and studied for the last five years in non-EU countries. Applicants must be fluent in English and be sufficiently mobile to work in different divisions and countries where the company’s offices are represented.

The term of training – 2 years. The peculiarity of this program is that the participants get the opportunity to work in different departments of companies, try themselves in several professional positions. The trainees will have their mentors who will provide them with the necessary support and give valuable professional advice. Organizers also assist in obtaining a visa and work permit.

The application is submitted through the official website of the company. You must attach a cover letter to the application. The selection of candidates takes place in several stages. First, candidates are selected according to submitted applications. Then a telephone interview is conducted. The most successful candidates are invited for the final testing at the company’s office in Munich. As organizers of the internship say, the passage of the program itself is possible in different countries. Information about the specific location of the internship should be requested additionally.

A set for an internship opens every year. For the program, which will be held in 2018, the set will open in late 2017. The questions of the internship payment, as well as additional information about the program, can be clarified by e-mail.

Internship from Sanofi in Moscow

One of the leaders of the pharmaceutical market, the French company Sanofi, produces health products, vaccines and various medications. In 2015, the company invested more than 5.2 billion euros in the research and development department. This holding has more than 100 production sites around the world, and the company employs more than 110,000 people. Work in such a corporation can be a good start for building a future career in the field of pharmaceuticals.

For students of Russian universities, the Moscow representative office of the company offers to pass a paid internship “Sanofi Health Force”. This program is intended for full-time Russian students who are educated in marketing, finance, business intelligence, IT and English.

The duration of the internship will be at least three months with weekly employment of 20 hours. A fixed-term employment contract will be concluded with the trainees. The participants of the program will be provided with the help of an experienced mentor. As a result of the internship, the most successful students will be able to continue working in the company on a regular basis.

To apply, you need to fill out a questionnaire and consent to the processing of personal data posted on the official website of the company, compose a cover letter and send documents by e-mail. In the subject of the letter, it is necessary to indicate the word “Student” and the name of the direction of interest. Then the applicant will be asked to pass online testing, which will result in face-to-face interviews with specialists from the personnel department, a mentor and staff from the department where the internship is planned.

Summer internship in the American division of Danone

The history of the French company Danone began with the creation in 1919 of useful yogurt, designed to help children cope with intestinal infections. The production of healthy products remains one of the main missions of the company today. The main activities of Danone are the production of mineral water, baby food and dairy products. The company’s products are represented not only in European markets but also in developing countries, as well as in the US.

In the US, Danone has taken a leading position in the dairy market with its Greek yogurt line and the Danimals brand for children. In 1985, the company founded a subsidiary of YoFarm Yogurt Company in the state of New Hampshire, which today produces yoghurts with various flavors.

Since Danone is always in search of new innovative solutions, attracting prospective personnel becomes an important task. For those who want to contribute to the development of the American division of Danone in New Hampshire, the company offers a summer internship for the period from May to July 2018.

In this program, bachelor students of engineering specialties can take part. Applicants must have such qualities as dedication, the ability to learn new, communicative, proficient in English. The organizers of the program do not establish special requirements regarding the nationality and residence of the participants in the program. Trainees will work under the guidance of the production director; they will be able to master the methods of constructing an effective technological process in practice. For participation in the program it is necessary to submit an application through the online form posted on the official website of the company.

Additional information about the duties of trainees, as well as the questions of paying for an internship, should be specified from the organizers of the program.

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