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IT Scholarships in the USA

IT Scholarships in the USA

More recently, monitors-boxes and dale-up modems seemed a miracle of technology. But time goes by, information technologies capture the world, and the profession of IT specialist goes to the top of the most paid and prestigious in Western countries.

The real paradise for “IT” is the United States. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, with an average annual income of 40 thousand dollars, the average salary of an IT specialist reaches 75 thousand dollars a year. Also, here are headquarters of such IT-giants as Google, Microsoft, IBM and Apple.

A guaranteed way of finding a job in the US is to get a higher education in the field of information technology. However, not everyone can afford it. Fortunately, there are scholarships for Zuckerberg’s successors, through which training in the United States will be possible.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)

The Institute, which graduated from Howard Volovets from The Big Bang Theory and Tony Stark of The Avengers, is consistently ranked among the best universities in the field of information technology by the QS World University Rankings.

The cost of training – 48 thousand dollars for the academic year. But the policy of MIT is this: if the student has entered, then the money for training will be found. In 2014, 91% of applicants received scholarships ranging in size from 36 to 43 thousand dollars.

To receive financial assistance, you need to fill out an application and provide a declaration on the incomes of parents.

As one student at MIT writes: “Refusal to study at MIT because of lack of money can be the biggest mistake of your life.”

Illinois Wesleyan University

“I never thought I would work in such an organization!” – admits Alan, one of the graduates of the Computer Science Department of the University of Illinois, who is currently engaged in software development at Google. The University supports young talents on their way to success and provides financial assistance in the form of scholarships.

The size of the scholarship reaches 25 thousand dollars for the academic year. To get it, you need to demonstrate high performance. Students who experience financial difficulties can also claim help. To do this, you must provide a declaration of the parents’ income. Apply.

Cornell University

“I want to establish an institution where anyone can find training in any field of knowledge” – the motto of the university is the words of its founder Ezra Cornell. The University was founded in 1865, and since then its doors have been open to all thirsty knowledge, regardless of religious affiliations, race or gender.

The IT department of the university is relatively young – it was established in 2005, but its graduates successfully hosted on Facebook, Apple and Yahoo!

To go through the training and join the number of students will help the University scholarship. There can be two reasons for obtaining: high achievement and financial difficulties (you need to provide a declaration of the income of the family). The size of the scholarship is not fixed – it all depends on the specific circumstances.

Fill out the application form and get more information here.

IEEE Computer Society

Computer Association IEEE (Computer Society IEEE) provides various scholarships for students studying computer and information technology. However, they can be obtained only by being a member of the Association. For this you have to pay – the cost of membership is $ 62. More on this here.

Upsilon Pi Epsilon Honor Scholarship

The founders of the scholarship seek to educate a new generation of computer geniuses. Therefore, they are ready to pay $ 1,000 each year to students who meet their requirements – have the high academic achievement (GPA is not lower than 3.0) and lead a socially active life. In addition to the scholarship, the winners will receive an honorary certificate and an annual subscription to the journals of the IEEE Computer Society.

Deadline fixed – October 31 of each year.

Apply for participation here.

Richard E. Merwin Student Scholarship

Richard Mervyn – the former president of the computer association IEEE – has made a huge contribution to the development of the first digital computers. In addition to his successful technical work, he served as deputy director in the data processing department for the missile defense program of the United States and was a professor at the University of Washington.

In his honor, an international scholarship was established for students-programmers of 3-4 courses with strong leadership abilities. The amount of the scholarship is 1 thousand dollars a year. Fellows will become representatives of the IEEE computer association in their regions.

To obtain a scholarship, you must provide certificates confirming participation in various events, and letters of recommendation. The requirements for academic achievement are not so high – the GPA is not lower than 2.5.

Deadlines – April 30 and September 30 of each year. Participate only once a year.

Find out more about the scholarship and apply here.

Fulbright Scholarship for Masters and PhD students

In 1945, Senator William Fulbright introduced in Congress a bill on the use of funds from the sale of US military property for the exchange of students in the field of science and culture. Now the international exchange program Fulbright is held in 155 countries.

Graduates and post-graduate students of universities can take part in it. One of the conditions is knowledge of the English language. All participants are tested – TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language). Studying computer and information technology, you need to score at least 80 points.

Fulbright includes tuition fees, monthly scholarships, medical insurance and transportation costs.

Applications for the 2017-2018 school year are no longer accepted. The next reception is in February 2017.

Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship

Anita Borg is a Doctor of Science in Computer Technology, the founder of the Institute for Women and Technology and a member of the Presidential Commission for the Advancement of Women in Science. In 2004, Google founded a scholarship in honor of Anita Borg for female programmers.

Participants are required to provide a summary, two letters of recommendation, an essay on a given topic and demonstrate high academic achievement (GPA is not lower than 3.5).

The size of the scholarship is 10 thousand dollars per academic year. Also, the fellows will attend a three-day seminar at Google’s headquarters in California.

You can apply for participation in the autumn of 2016.

Read more here.

Scholarships for people with disabilities

Google Europe Scholarship for Students with Disabilities enables people with disabilities to realize themselves in the field of computer and information technology. The amount – 7 thousand dollars for the academic year.

Participants of the scholarship competition are required to write a CV, an essay on a given topic, provide a CV, two letters of recommendation and a medical report. Progress also matters: the higher the GPA, the more likely.

The next acceptance of applications will begin in the autumn of 2016. Apply here.

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