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Medical Education in Different Countries

Medical Education in Different Countries

The profession of a doctor is one of the most prestigious and highly paid not only in the West, but, perhaps, in the whole world. And the presence of a diploma of one of the leading foreign universities facilitates the process of employment abroad.

Harvard Medical School, USA

The medical faculty of one of the best universities in the world consists of schools of medicine (Medical School) and dentistry (Harvard School of Dental Medicine). Includes a variety of laboratories, has contracts of cooperation with sixteen of the most prestigious clinics and research institutes. More than 11,000 students study here.

The cost of training at Harvard is on average $ 40,000. And with the associated costs (transport, food, etc.) can reach up to $ 60,000. But about 70% of students receive material support. Such questions are controlled by the Committee on General Scholarship. If the student successfully passed the entry competition, but does not have the opportunity to pay all the costs of study, the university guarantees 100% funding. To qualify for a scholarship, you must provide documents proving that the parents’ annual income is less than $ 65,000 per year.

The university accepts applicants from 17 years with excellent grades in the certificate and high scores for the entrance exams. The Admission Committee pays attention to leadership qualities, personal potential, public activity and participation in volunteer projects.

On admission you must pay an entrance fee – $ 75, to provide the results of the SAT or ACT, two SAT subject tests (performed College Discussion Board company, is worth $ 81) and the two recommendations from teachers.

Cornell University, USA

This is one of the eight universities of the famous Ivy League. It consists of 14 faculties and colleges, each of which independently determines the rules for admission of applicants and the training program. For those wishing to devote his life to medicine, there is a College of Veterinary Medicine, which offers a program of graduate and postgraduate Weill Cornell College – the first American medical school that offers a training program for doctors to obtain the degree of Doctor of Medicine (MD), and Higher School of Medical Sciences Wale Cornell in New York for those who are seriously interested in biomedicine.

The cost of training here varies from 21 thousand to 30 thousand dollars, depending on the chosen specialty.

The university grants scholarships in case the student experiences some financial difficulties. To qualify for grants, you do not need to file many applications – one opens up access to all possible programs.

Information about the bachelor’s scholarships and grants is presented here, the master’s and postgraduate courses are here.

About MBA program scholarships can be read on this page.

When applying, the requirements for knowledge of the English language are required – IELTS 7.0, TOEFL 100 points minimum for bachelor’s degree. When enrolling a student in the master’s attention is drawn to the sections of TOEFL scores: Listening – 15, writing – 20, reading – 20, speaking – 22. It is necessary to pass the SAT and GRE basic tests in accordance with the program. All results are important to send earlier than the basic documents.

Imperial College, United Kingdom

The main directions of the college’s educational programs are medicine, biology and engineering. The Faculty of Medicine is the world leader in research and health.

The cost of training is $ 25.000, if this is the first higher education, and $ 24.000 in case of receiving a second higher education or studying at a master’s degree. Imperial College cooperates with many funds, thanks to which the student can receive a scholarship.

On admission to medical school need to pass entrance test for biomedicine, provide UCAS-form, a document showing the level of English (GCSE or the IELTS), and proof of thorough instruction in English (1 year) or a certificate of work experience in an English speaking country (not less than 1,5 years).

A package of documents for future graduate students: a resume, a diploma with an application, IELTS and TOEFL test results, essays, professional and academic recommendations, a motivation letter.

Australian National University, Australia

The university has a college of medicine, biology and the environment. The cost of training in it reaches 37.104 AUD. The Australian National University has a scholarship program for international bachelor students. It covers the cost of training and medical insurance. The main criterion in the selection of candidates is excellent academic performance. Students in 2-3 courses have a chance to receive a discount on tuition fees of 25% and 50%.

The procedure for admission is very simple. It is necessary to fill in the online form, which indicates all information about education, and provide documents confirming it. The Faculty of Medicine will need to pass the MCAT and GAMSAT exams in advance and send an online application by regular mail, which is accompanied by a questionnaire for foreigners. After passing the initial selection, an interview-interview with a representative of the university is assigned.

The key factor for admission is the availability of secondary education and high grades in basic school subjects. Minimum scores for language tests: IELTS – 6.5, TOEFL internet based – 80. Physicians have stricter language requirements, and, perhaps, ACT major or its equivalent, you can see the exact requirements here.

Caledonian University Glasgow, United Kingdom

The University is located in the center of the most fashionable city in Europe. As a result of the modernization on the campus, an ophthalmological clinic was established, equipped with the latest technology for training and research. In the building of the Faculty of Medicine there is a stylized clinic and clinical laboratories.

The cost of training here is $ 14,000 excluding the cost of textbooks (approximately $ 130 per academic course).

At the university, you can pass a pre-university training (INTO Foundation) for admission to the International Medicine (MD), International Biomedical Sciences (BSc) programs and other health care specialties.

Admission is allowed to enrollment from 17 years and older with completed secondary education and high scores on academic achievement. English language requirements: IELTS 5.5 (minimum 5.5 points for each aspect).

School of Health and Life Sciences.

Cambrian College, Canada

The college offers more than 80 programs in various areas, one of which is “Healthcare. Nursing. Dental assistant. Hygiene of the oral cavity. Diagnostic medical sonography. Medical laboratory technologies. Emergency Medicine. Personal Assistance.”

The cost of training is about 12.500 CAD a year, depending on the chosen specialty. Annually, the college allocates more than 90,000 CAD for scholarships to international students.

Applicants must be at least 18 years old. It is necessary to select the program of interest, fill out the application form and hand it to the authorized person along with the necessary documents (notarized copies of passports, diplomas and academic certificates). After a positive decision, it is necessary to follow the instructions that will be attached to the letter of enrollment.

Universitat Internacional de Catalunya, Spain

Officially accredited university has the right to assign to graduates the degrees of all three levels of education: bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral studies.


  • Medicine – 6 years of training, cost from 13080 euros per year, languages of instruction: Spanish, English, Catalan.
  • Nursing – 4 years of training, from 6540 euros per year, the languages of instruction: Spanish, English, Catalan.
  • Physiotherapy – 4 years of training, from 6,600 euros per year.
  • Management (Management) in public health services – 1 year of training – 7200 euros.
  • Tropical neurology and infectious diseases – 2400 euros.
  • Nursing (official diploma) – 2 years of study, languages of instruction: Spanish, English, Catalan.

The Faculty of Medicine offers a wide choice of postgraduate education and advanced training courses.

If the entrant arrives immediately after school, he must pass a comprehensive online exam, which includes three tests (checking the general level of knowledge, determining the level of socio-cultural development, checking English) and interviews. Upon admission on the basis of a previously received diploma, after consideration, a decision is made on the need for an individual interview. Applicants for research programs in the field of dentistry should provide the results of previous studies.

Faculty of Dentistry. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences.

University of Auckland, New Zealand

The largest university in New Zealand. There are 7 research centers on its territory. The university is famous for its achievements in medicine (oncology, immunology), biology, electromechanics and aerodynamics.

The cost of training ranges from $ 23,705 to $ 26,860 per year.

The university makes high demands on the applicants. Domestic certificate is not considered equivalent to New Zealand, therefore it is necessary to pass the Foundation program in Taylors College, conducted at the university. The cost of training a year – from 19.980 New Zealand dollars. Another option is a certificate of secondary education + 2 years of university. If the applicant already has one higher education, then he must be given a diploma to the workshops and doctoral programs. IELTS is not lower than 6.0 and TOEFL is not lower than 550.

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