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Scholarships and Grants for Lawyers

Scholarships and Grants for Lawyers

Scholarship or a grant for each student lawyer is an opportunity to gain more experience, knowledge, expand their analytical thinking and increase legal literacy.

It is better to think about getting a scholarship in advance in order not to miss the deadline for submitting documents, to have actual results of IELTS on hand and just keep the peace of mind.

The UNIDROIT lawyer scholarships

UNIDROIT (International Institute for the Unification of Private Law) in Rome is one of the most prominent intergovernmental organizations dedicated to the unification of private international law. The overall objective of Unidroit is to explore ways of harmonizing and coordinating private law and preparing the ground for the adoption by states of uniform rules of private law. The Institute offers scholarships to postgraduate students and teachers for research in the field of unified law and comparative private law. A monthly scholarship of € 1,600 is paid within two months.

The primary requirement for candidates for a scholarship is the relevant topic of the research project. It should be consistent with the overall goal of Unidroit, be practical in favor of national law (that is, the results of the research will later be used to improve the legal system in the country of the Fellowship). The next requirement is the formation of a candidate (graduate student) and position (judge, practicing lawyer, teacher). Also, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of English and/or French, confirmed by the international certificate TOEFL or DELF.

The scholarship is annual, the deadline for applications for 2018 will be known later. Detailed information about the scholarship can be found on the official website of the university.

UNICRI lawyer scholarship from the UN

UNICRI (Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute) is a division of the United Nations. It was established in 1965 to support countries in the field of crime prevention and the promotion of criminal justice.

The organization provides a scholarship to study at the UNICRI Institute in Turin under the direction of “Transnational Crime and Justice” for students interested in human rights or transnational crimes. During the course, students will be able to conduct research in the field of comparative criminal law and humanitarian law, actively participate in activities to create draft documents, analyze case materials. Participants in the program will be able to discuss practical scenarios and work in groups. Training is conducted in English.

Depending on the decision of the Institute, the scholarship is paid in an amount that allows to wholly or partially cover the costs of training. The cost of training in 2017 is € 8,500. However, the scholarship does not cover expenses for living, transportation and visa expenses.

The requirements for the fellows are, firstly, a diploma in Law, Politology, International Relations, and second, a certificate confirming a high level of English (IELTS, TOEFL, CPE, CAE). For example, the average IELTS score should be at least 6.5.

The scholarship is annual. Deadline application for training in 2018 will be known later.

Scholarship of The Hague Academy of International Law

The Hague Academy of International Law, established in 1914, is one of the most significant centers for the study of international law (private and public).

The Academy provides a scholarship to study at a summer school. The curriculum runs in two directions: on private international law (training runs from July 31 to August 18) and on public international law (training runs from July 10 to 28).

Candidates for participation in the summer school must meet the criteria: to have a bachelor’s degree in the direction of “International Law” or “Law”. It will be necessary to provide a copy of the diploma and an appendix with grades or a certificate of education at the university. It is noteworthy that no certification is required to confirm the level of proficiency in a foreign language.

The scholarship includes a payment of € 1,200 for the period of study, as well as partial coverage of transportation costs.

Classes are held in English and French (with simultaneous translation into English and French respectively).

Deadline for applying for training in 2017: January 31, 2017.

Details of the conditions for receiving the scholarship and the documents submitted.

Scholarships at the School of Law of the University of Georgetown

Georgetown University (George town university) is located in Washington. It was founded in 1789 and is one of the oldest universities in the United States. The Law School at the University provides several scholarships for international students of the Master’s program.

The first scholarship is a general one. No additional documents are required to qualify for a scholarship. The application is submitted together with the basic application for training in the university. The choice of fellows will be based on their academic performance and academic merit.

The second is a scholarship for training in tax law (Georgetown University Law Center Graduate Tax Scholars). The amount of payment depends on the academic achievements of the participant.

When applying for a scholarship, the participant must write an essay (not less than 500 words) about the current problem of tax law. The choice of a specific topic should correspond to the professional interests of the participant.

To the application will need to attach a resume, a motivation letter, two letters of recommendation and an IELTS certificate with an average score of at least 7.5.

Deadline for applying for both scholarships is February 10, 2017.

Discount for study at the University of Tilburg

The University of Tilburg in the Netherlands (TLS Global Scholarship) is widely known for its high standards of education, research and development in many sectors, including law. The university cooperates with the National Research University Higher School of Economics (HSE) within the framework of the double diploma program.

A 25% discount on tuition is provided to students on the basis of their academic achievement in the following programs by right: international business law, international and European law, international business taxation, state administration and civil business, labor law and labor relations.

Selection for the program is carried out by the Higher School of Economics at the second semester of the 1st year of the interview (requires knowledge of the English language) and academic results, the results of the student rating of the Higher School of Economics.

Double Degree Lawyer Scholarships Program

Luxembourg University was founded in 2003; it is the only university in the country. An important policy of the young university is scientific research and the involvement of professionals from all over the world as teachers.

As a result of cooperation between the University of Luxembourg and the Higher School of Economics, Russian students have the opportunity to pass the second year of the Master’s program at the University of Luxembourg. Classes are conducted not only by university professors but also by judges of the European Union.

Luxembourg University annually provides two quotas for studies under the Master of European Law (European Financial and Banking Law) program. Selection for the program takes place in the second semester on the basis of the interview (you need knowledge of French and English) and the results of the rating of students of the Higher School of Economics. The scholarship covers the cost of tuition, accommodation in a hostel and food costs.

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