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Scholarships and Grants for Medical Students

Scholarships and Grants for Medical Students

The education of medical staff in the Western countries guarantees a comfortable life. True, at the beginning of the journey will require a lot of “investment” – usually, medical education is more expensive than teaching other professions, and takes a decent amount of time.

Fortunately, there are many ways to ease the financial burden: for example, to receive a scholarship or a grant.

Europe medical scholarships

Scholarship of the University of Amsterdam for masters

The Amsterdam Merit Scholarship (AMS) is intended for non-EU students. The amount of the scholarship is € 6,000, 9,000 or 12,000 upon consideration of the application. AMS is issued for one academic year, but it can repeatedly be obtained – once and provided that the student has collected 80% or more of the required number of credit units – the study hours calculated for the current semester.

At the time of application, the candidate must be enrolled in the Master’s program of the Faculty of Medicine UvA. In parallel with AMS, the student can not claim other scholarships and grants. The advantage will be academic publications, high academic achievement under the Bachelor’s program and letters of recommendation.

Deadlines: Students can get a scholarship in two areas – medicine and information technology in medicine. In the first direction, the application submission deadline is from September 1 to June 1 of each year, for the second one, from September 1 to June 1, or from November 1 to February 1.

Contact: Send a motivation letter to email.

About the scholarship on the official website.

Grant for researchers from the Danish pharmaceutical company

Novo Nordisk is an international pharmaceutical company headquartered in Denmark and affiliates in 75 countries. The company attracts researchers in the field of biomedicine around the world and those who offer the most promising plans for scientific development, promises a grant of 300-700 thousand DKK ($ 45.650- 106.510). Grant is issued one, two or three years in a row. Money can be used to purchase equipment, experimental animals, pay for examinations and other services and salaries for employees.

The study should be conducted on the basis of a university or clinic in Denmark. The advantage will be the experience of independent research.

Deadlines: application deadlines – August 11 – September 22. The study should begin no earlier than January 1 and no later than November 30, 2018.

Contact: Apply now.

Scholarship for medical students in Sweden

Karolinska Institutet is a medical university in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, one of the most prestigious medical schools in the world. The University encourages its students for academic success and financially supports those who are in a difficult situation. The scholarship is from SEK 4.000 to SEK 15.000 ($ 477-1,789).

The evaluation of academic success is as follows: 4 points for the research plan and more than one publication for three years, 3 points for the study plan and one publication, 2 points for the study plan and published theses of scientific work, 1 point for the research plan.

Needy students are those who do not have savings and property that can be sold. The latter does not include real estate. Applications are considered on an individual basis.

Deadlines: until September 16, 2016. The scholarship program is annual.

Contact: here it is described in detail which documents need to be sent to the university’s post office and the exact postal address.

Australia and New Zealand medical grants

The travel grant of John Snow at the World Congress on Health

Grant with the name, from which fans of the “Games of Thrones” will smile, will fulfill the dream of any medician interested in the problems of modern health. A candidate who successfully passes the selection will not only reserve a seat at the World Congress in Melbourne but also cover all transportation costs.

The Travel Grant from the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP) is designed for students of medical universities in Australia and New Zealand. The candidate will need work from a professional portfolio – a healthcare project, a medical history, a clinical audit, as well as an essay of 800-1000 words on modern health care, a plan for presenting the work at the congress and a letter from the university.

Deadline: October 7, 2016. The Congress will be held on April 3-7, 2017.

Contact: All documents are sent by email.

Details about the conditions.

Grant for summer research in New Zealand

The Liggis Institute at the University of Auckland is one of the leading research institutes in the field of perinatal, evidential and evolutionary medicine. Each year, the SRI selects students for a grant of $ 5,500 for summer research. In the selection process, students from universities in New Zealand can take part in bachelor, master or doctorate programs, as well as first-year students of foreign universities.

A grant of $ 5,500 is issued in two installments – $ 4,500 after project approval, $ 1,000 after the final report on the results of the study.

Among the requirements for the candidate are a high academic performance and a well thought out research plan coordinated with the project manager. The study should last 400 hours (about ten weeks) and take place in New Zealand.

Deadline: July 29 of each year.

Contact: Contact form.

Details about the conditions

USA and Canada medical scholarships

Scholarship for Surgeons

American College of Surgeons – an international educational association of surgeons – supports surgeons not from the USA and Canada who are interested in research and teaching.

The scholarship of the Association, International Guest Scholarship, includes a one-time issuance of $ 10,000, as well as the opportunity to attend events for researchers and teachers and courses at the college.

The age of candidates is from 35 to 50 years. In this case, preference is given to those who have not yet reached career heights, including not having extensive experience working in the States or Canada. Candidates should be engaged in research or teaching for at least a year.

Deadlines: July 3, 2017, for scholarships in 2018.

Contact: Apply now.

Details about the scholarship

Travel grants to developing countries

A travel grant from the American Women’s Association in Medicine (AMWA) can be obtained by a medical student or practicing physician from anywhere in the world. The grant covers transportation costs up to $ 1,000. The main condition: the candidate must go to a developing country, where medicine is not yet able to meet the needs of the population. It can be the countries of Africa, South America, Asia. Examples of projects: support for women and children with HIV in Uganda work in the Family Planning Center in Iran. The duration of the program is from four weeks to one year.

Deadlines: every year on January 5, April 5, July 5, October 5.

Contact: Details, application form and contacts here.

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