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Things to Consider While Writing an Essay

Things to Consider While Writing an Essay

As a person who works with the text for money and not for the first year, I want to note at once that there are very few rules that can not be violated precisely. But the essay itself is still a genre there is where to disperse. How to write a good text at all? There are simple tricks and advice.

  1. Read a lot. Magazines, newspapers and books. Nothing forms a sense of academic language as quickly as reading. Reading helps to expand vocabulary, teaches you to work with syntax and argue the position. Pay attention to the good old epistolary genre.
  2. Know your audience and communicate with it in its language. The words “cherish” and “skimp on” are not suitable for text addressed to high school students. And so on by the same pattern.
  3. Learn to work with the essay. At school, we were taught that the paper must have a beginning, development, culmination and denouement. With some reservations, this also works with journalistic genres. In schools and colleges, it is also taught that there should be several thoughts in the text body, which in turn confirm or challenge the idea that is a key point. Between them, there are bundles or transit paragraphs. Before writing an essay, think about how this content will be look like.
  4. Study the topic about which you write, as best you can. By studying, I mean two things at once: gathering information and analyzing it. Think about what kind of idea you are going to show through an essay.
  5. Be able to dilute the text with “jokes”, but do not depart from the topic. Remember that your “jokes” should be understandable to the readers. For example: How old is your fault? At the first stage, this question is entirely unimportant. The possibilities are modest, but the appetites are significant, therefore, to refer to the year on the bottle as a “small talk” in public transport – it’s nice, but it does not matter. Small talk is a little association that makes the text more lively and understandable. We could manage without it, but it would be boring.
  6. Avoid cliches. Texts filled with phrases that themselves ask for additional explanation are not impressive. To be aware of it, to enjoy the dishes, the forest of hands rose, pleased as an elephant. ะกhoose associations of the second level or press on the play of words, this helps to surprise the reader, and this is precisely what you need. For example: “Do not be a woman who sits and waits for her prince on a white horse” – the phrase is unsuccessful, because after the word “prince” the reader knows without you how the sentence ends.
  7. Chancellarisms, archaisms and Internet slang is better left, too.
  8. Forever learn that an essay is not just a record in your diary and not an excuse to build pyramids out of epithets. “A velvety and quivering night spilled over the city like runaway milk, like the sounds of an old musician’s saxophone from the passage, like the quiet and convincing voice of a charming peasant woman.” N inhaled this July smell, which had not yet cooled down after a hot and tiring day, standing on a balcony in silk he wanted adventures, he snatched his phone out of his pocket and quickly flipped through the contacts to the treasured letter M. For some reason, it seems to many that this is how a collective classic would have weritten, but not one classic has written that way. It’s shit, do not do it. The essay is excellent when it contains just as many words as necessary.
  9. Know how to ask the right questions. This applies to any text. In the case of an experienced essay writer, this habit is included as soon as he opens the laptop. Do not leave the reader in perplexity. Do not skip the ligamentous ligaments. If something is concrete to you, it does not mean that it is understandable to the reader. Reread the draft and ask the text questions that would be natural for the reader.

Write a lot. Write about what you are interested in. Treat the essay as a way to organize the information you own. Good luck!

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Olivia Stephens
I wrote for periodicals last few years and I believe that now this experience continually helps me. Experience in the media gave me many other advantages. I know how to look for information not only on the Internet. I know how to use archives, how to get the right information from people, how to conduct real investigations. Thanks to the studying at the university, I efficiently collect unique material for my papers.