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University of Michigan Supplemental Essay

University of Michigan Supplemental Essay

Why Michigan Essay That Rocks

The University of Michigan supplemental essays are like the pyramids of Egypt when you cut it in thirds and break it down. Let’s explain. The bottom half is very little, you can’t pack a lot of information into that space, so you cannot fit a lot of facts into it.

The other big tip is that as you move down (up, or down if it is upside down) every third piece of information is larger than the last one. That’s where this supplemental essay comes in. You fill the first half with facts, then move on to the second half. In this way, you are filling out both the supplemental essay and the supplemental report simultaneously.

Here are your main points. You need to make a big statement here. Don’t just summarize an argument you have been using for years. Here, though, you have to be sure that you are stating your opinion. You don’t have to write a letter; you can write a supplemental essay instead.

Write about what you have read and heard and experienced in that particular subject. Use your own words here, rather than quoting another author who has already used his or her words. Be sure to include your comments, ideas, and experiences here.

Then, write about the main idea and question that you have raised in this part of the supplemental report. Make sure that you have explained it well enough so that the reader understands it. State it in a way that shows how it makes sense. Don’t make it sound like some strange jargon.

Finally, state your conclusion. Again, make sure that you have explained it well enough so that the reader knows what it means. If you don’t, tell them. If you do, put it in bold letters so that the reader can see it quickly. Then summarize what you have said in the conclusion.

If you are using this supplemental essay as a follow-up to your main written paper, give yourself time to review the material here. Don’t start with the conclusion, because this may seem like too much work.

This supplemental essay may even help to make your original paper look good to your instructor. At the very least, the supplemental essay will make you look like you took some time to consider what they have said in class. After all, what’s more, you will have completed something that you didn’t have to write a letter or write a whole report to give them. You should get a higher grade if you have done this on your own.

One final word about formatting. You should be able to present your essay without any problems. There are many places where this type of paper is presented, and most of them will ask you to use an MS word or an equivalent program.

As you read over this material, though, you should check over the introduction, the footnotes, the conclusion, and the body of the paper for any grammatical or spelling errors. You should also make sure that you have proofread the essay carefully and have found any that appear to be a problem in any way.

You should have a finished and final copy of your written essay within a few weeks of your submission. It’s okay to send in revisions, but it should be finished well before the deadline for your final paper.

Do not send your final copy until you have given the essay a title and all the material that is needed for it. It is also a good idea to print out the draft that you have produced and take it to the professor at the end of the semester.

The most important thing you can do is to put this together thoroughly and submit it. You should try not to overlook it. Even if you are nervous about your first try, remember that many people are nervous about their first tries, too.

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Olivia Stephens
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