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How to Write an Argumentative Essay?

How to Write an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay is one of the types of research work, allowing you to consider a specific problem from different points of view.

The purpose is development of writing skills and skills of a clear and well-founded presentation of your position.

Argumentative Essay Format

  1. Introduction statement (familiarity with the topic, its background, the purpose of the study) using known techniques (unusual utterance, exciting quotation, surprising statistics, etc.)
  2. Thesis statement, which, in fact, the position that is to be argued; at the same time, indicate which parties and in what amount the needed arguments. The presentation of the thesis is the main part of the essay, in which the arguments are presented in favor of the chosen position. The most common way – statements and further facts as a justification. You can and vice versa: first a list of facts, and then a conclusion, a consequence (statement).
  3. Waiting for objections. It seems that the thesis statement will be more convincing if we provide for the arguments of the opposite statement, giving it a critical analysis. Next, to offer a compromise solution, in some way losing the different opinion.
  4. Conclusion. This part of the essay should show the reasonableness and validity of the chosen position. To achieve this, the final part of the essay should to:
  • generalize the main points of the statement with evidence and examples;
  • re-formulate the thesis to emphasize its meaning (you can repeat the wording or rephrase);
  • discuss the perspective of the central thesis;
  • show practical importance;
  • set questions that will help to look at the topic from a new perspective.

Conclusion is repetition of the basic judgment; one or two sentences summarizing the arguments in defense of the fundamental proposition general warning about the consequences of rejection of the proposed resolution and the general conclusion about the usefulness of this statement.

How to Start Writing an Argumentative Essay?

Choose a primary topic. Do you want to write (in general) about the history, art, languages, sports, novels, news, events abroad, films, music, people, politics, religion, science or technology? – these are the main topics for writing an essay. The first topic you choose is the central topic. Behind the main topic is a subtopic. It is more specific thing. What should you write about? About human rights? A masterpiece of Picasso? Spanish language? NFL? After you have chosen the central theme/subtheme, create a conceptual map and mark what you want to write about. All other parts will be detailed and comprehensive.

Brainstorming will be another foundation for your writing. You need to think carefully about the choice of vocabulary. Use exciting words. For example, “good, nice, cool, interesting” can be replaced with the words “extravagant, disgusting, bright.” Try to record the maximum number of ideas.

Develop your point of view. Try to organize your thoughts. Record the maximum number of ideas that came to your mind during the brainstorming process. You need to make sure that these ideas support your vision of the topic of the essay and do not contradict each other.

Consider new sections. Use new argumentative sections, compiled by the previous step, that is, brainstorming. Thus, you will have an idea of what you are going to describe in each separate section.

Research: you need to back to the argumentative part with statistics. Statistics work very well in the case of a convincing composition. Figures and facts are an excellent method of persuasion. Make sure that you have proof. Select the maximum number of useful statistics and add them to the previous ideas.

Structure the sections: arrange the main items of the plan into sections in a logical order. For example, in the first part, you want to tell how you support the topic of the essay. In the second paragraph you will be able to provide practical ideas, and in the third – to determine what needs to be done. Make sure that the plan items in each section are logically structured.

Introduction: almost all good essays begin with a convincing introduction. In the introduction, you can outline some arguments. Do not write the paragraphs of the plan. Try to create logically completed sections!

Write down your ideas! Do not forget to pay attention to the plan. Make sure that the sections are delineated and include all the information that you need to provide.

Check and edit your essay to perform the job immaculately! Errors in spelling, grammar and vocabulary matters!

Final advices

  1. Concept maps help you organize your data.
  2. Use reliable Internet sources to search for statistical data. Do not use Wikipedia (an untrusted source).
  3. Write an essay on a clean, spacious surface (on the desk) to feel comfortable and concentrate.
  4. If there are a lot of pens and pencils on the table, they interfere with concentration.
  5. Do not rush into writing the introduction and conclusions. These parts of the essay are considered the most important.

Do not write anything that contradicts your beliefs; otherwise, you will destroy the reasoned outline of the essay.

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