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Writing a Transfer Essay

Transfer Essay

How to Write a Great Transfer Essay?

Here are seven essential steps to writing a transfer essay. Follow these tips and you will have a better chance of writing an impressive essay.

Establish Some of Your Core Values. The first step to writing an effective transfer essay is to write a statement about your own beliefs. Show why you decided to attend your old school, and how your beliefs fit into the new institution. Use your examples of how other students at your school have used their values to do well in school. Think about how your values can be applied to a new place and how they can help your students.

Explain Why You Are Leaving. What will make you happy? Do you like the atmosphere at your old college or university? Make a list of what you enjoy about your old school so you can use that as a reason to transfer.

Showcase Your Transfer Skills. Give examples of where you excelled. It’s important to show that you are still learning at your new school. Your transfer essays must show that you are a person who wants to learn, not just someone who has already learned enough to be successful at their new school.

Explain How You Have Succeeded So Far in School. Explain how your accomplishments at your old school can be applied to the new school. For example, what did you do to get into that great school? Make sure you have all the information you need to show that you can use the same strategies to get into the school of your choice at your new school.

Show Why Your New School Is Better Than Your Old School. Many times when people transfer to a new college, they don’t just choose it because it’s more convenient. They also pick it because it offers more opportunities for them to succeed and excel at their degree.

Make a Point About the Admissions Process. Make a point about how the admissions process at your new college is different than the admissions process at your old college. There may be differences in requirements for admission, financial aid, and the type of student body that handles your classes. Find out how you can help your student succeed with the college’s admission requirements.

Show How You Will Succeed at Your College. Make a list of what makes you excited about your new college. Make a list of the strengths and weaknesses of the courses you are taking and show how you can use them to succeed in your new college. Use the admissions process to show how your previous experience can transfer to the college. Be creative with your list and show how you can be successful there.

Explain Why You Think You Can Succeed. In addition to showing how your previous experience can help you in college, make a point about why you think you will be a good fit in the school you’re transferring to.

Explain Why You Don’t Think You Will Succeed at Your New College. If you are transferring from a college where you struggled with academics, make a point to show how your new college is different from your old one. and that you’re better prepared for your classes now. You can also explain how you can help your student succeed in the admissions process.

Explain Where You Are Now in Your Life. After your essay is complete, explain where you are now in life. What are your goals, plans, dreams, and aspirations?

{T transfer essays are an important part of a student’s college career planning process. You don’t have to write every single essay in your first year of college, but they can make or break your application. So be sure you prepare yours well before you apply.

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