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Book Review Writing

Let’s figure out what a book review is. The review of the book is a description, a critical analysis, as well as an assessment of the quality, importance, and significance of the book without retelling it. So, your material should focus on the strengths and weaknesses of the book, whether the author was able to achieve the goal and how well it turned out. Do not forget to give examples that prove your point of view.

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Components of the Book Review

    • Author, title, year of publication, genre (as well as other additional information).
    • A brief description of the book (synopsis). It is important here not to retell the book but to interest the reader. Two – five proposals will suffice. If the work is included in a series of books, it is worth mentioning this.
    • A few words about the author: reputation, rewards, influence, as well as other information that can be useful for review.
    • General review of the book: the style in which the author writes; what problems are affected; how events develop in the work; heroes of the work (plausible, uninteresting, insufficiently disclosed); target audience (who will be interested in reading this book); how the book was read (easy, hard, in one breath, etc.).
    • What you liked about the book. Here you describe what and why you liked this book, that the author succeeded best, what captured you most, was amazing.
    • What you did not like about the book. Write about what was wrong, perhaps a lot of unnecessary details, or vice versa, something is missing.
    • Summarize your review, highlight the main points. If you have something to compare this book with, do it.
        The review can be small 50-250 words or large – 1500 words, depending on the goal that you set for yourself.

Instructions for Writers

    • Do not make a detailed retelling. This will reduce the value of your review, the work itself will be uninteresting to the reader. One of the criteria for weak analysis and evaluation is rightly considered substitution of interpretation and analysis of the text by retelling it.
    • Any book begins with a title that is interpreted during the reading, solved. The name of good, interesting work is always multivalued; it is a kind of a symbol, a metaphor.
    • A lot of the interpretation and understanding of the text can give an analysis of the composition. Reflect on what compositional techniques (ring structure, antithesis, and others) were used in work. This will help you penetrate the author’s intent. Determine which parts can be divided into text, how they are arranged.
    • Evaluating the style, originality of the writer is necessary. Disassemble the images, artistic techniques that the author uses in his work. Also consider, in what its individual, unique style is defined and consists. Then this writer differs from others.
    • When writing a school review, make it up as if no one in the examining committee has been familiar with the work for which the review was made. It is necessary to assume what questions the teachers can ask, and try to find answers in the text in advance.
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    • Bibliographic scrutiny of the novel (the author’s name, the title, the year of publication) and a brief and catchy retelling of the point.
    • A narration about your impressions in a short form.
    • A critical or a subjective analysis of the particular book (analysis of the title meaning, the structure and the point of the text, characteristics of the main heroes and the assessment of the writer’s style).
    • A reasoned assessment of the product. Personal reflections of the reviewed author and enumeration the basic idea of the review.
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    Do You Need Book Review Urgent?

    An approximate plan for a review of the artwork:

    • Give a bibliographic description of the work (specify the author, title, publisher and year of release) and a brief (no more than two sentences) retelling of the content;
    • Write a direct response to the literary work (recall-impression);
    • Carry out a comprehensive analysis or critical analysis of the text. Here it is necessary to determine the meaning of the name, the analysis of its form and content, the skill of the author in depicting the characters, the features of the composition, the individual style of the writer;
    • Give a reasoned assessment of the work and write your thoughts. This paragraph should contain the main idea of the review and the relevance of the subject matter of the work.
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