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Cover Letter Writing

A cover letter is your chance to stand out and announce yourself to the employer. Every day, the employer receives hundreds of resumes, which can be challenging to choose from. The cover letter shows that the applicant is ready to make additional efforts to be singled out, which means that he will demonstrate this behavior in his work. And it also allows you to say something meaningful about yourself before the interview.

You can compose a cover letter thanks to the examples on the Internet. Or you can contact a career adviser who will do it for you.

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Structure of the Cover Letter

CL Introduction

Greeting (Good morning/afternoon, evening). Ideal case, if you know, to whom correctly you need to contact in this organization on the issue of review of the CV. The personalized cover letter always looks somewhat more advantageous.

Mention the vacancy you are applying for, and where you learned about it, the source of information.

CL Main Part

List the reasons why you want to work in this company. Here you can demonstrate the possession of facts about its activities, the history of development, some significant projects. It is pleasant for any recruiter to encounter a job seeker who does not mechanically send a resume to the selected list, but creatively approaches every single case and spends time searching for the necessary information to be fully prepared.

Mark your basic professional skills, specialized knowledge and personal qualities that will present you as an ideal candidate for the chosen position. In doing so, carefully read the text of the vacancy and specify only those characteristics that are required by the employer. Exclude any information.

CL Conclusion

Mention the next steps. For example, note that contact the recruiter in a few days to find out the result of considering your candidacy. You must be initiative – the employer will have a feeling that he is dealing with a business and purposeful person.

Thank the recipient for attention to your person (standard: “Thank you for reviewing my CV”).

Your signature and contacts (standard: Sincerely, / David Jones.). As contacts usually indicate the cell phone number and e-mail.

Whom this Service is?

The primary focus in the cover letter should be on what you can offer to the employer and how different from other candidates. As in sales – a cover letter is an information about the uniqueness of your service.

  • Who does not have time to write a motivation letter, but there is a need for it.
  • Who send out a resume, but do not receive feedback from employers. Our writers will strengthen your resume with a quality cover letter.
  • Who wants to optimize their cover letter, taking into account the interests of employers.
  • Who has encountered difficulties in writing a motivation letter and does not understand what to write in it.
  • Who is looking for the first job and understands that competition is high, and you need to stand out.
  • Who are looking for not the first job, but wants to competently “sell” their skills to the HR manager even before the interview.
  • Who does not see their strengths and achievements, but wants to understand and use them when looking for work.

You will have a working cover letter that will increase your chances of getting into the dream company. You can also use the cover letter to create useful contacts in the LinkedIn network or other professional networks.

Principles to follow in cover letter

  • in the first sentence, it is necessary to write what vacancy is at stake;
  • write only important things; no one will read a long letter to the end;
  • it is desirable that the appeal was nominal.

Why else do you need an motivational letter?

  1. For admission to universities.
  2. To participate in grants and competitions.
  3. For sending to companies in which there are no open vacancies, but you would very much like to work there.

Motivation letter is your gift wrapping for the employer or for the university you want to enroll in. So make it attractive. It’s not easy to write about yourself, mainly selling yourself. We’ll professionally describe all your strengths and tell the employer or the admissions committee why you should choose from a vast number of candidates. With such a self-presentation, you will have a great chance to get the job of your dream or enter any university you like, in whatever country it is located.

A writer needs to obtain a CV, answers to several questions and, preferably, a list of companies you would like to work to compose a cover letter for you. Based on the information provided, the recruiter will write a cover letter in English, which will introduce you and emphasize the employer’s attention to your candidacy. In the letter, it will be justified that it is you who should work in this company in this position. Also, in the cover letter, you can indicate the reason that prompted you to look for a new job and your wishes for a potential employer.

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Do You Need an Application Cover Letter Urgent?

The cover letter competes with the CV for its importance. The employer read the cover letter first and often depends on its quality whether the CV will be viewed. If the resume is subject to strict formal requirements (structure, volume, style), then the cover text is less “official.” It can even be called a creative product because it gives the applicant more opportunities to choose a style and an underlying message.

A cover letter is not a description of your work experience and your strengths. This information is reflected in the CV, and the cover letter should not repeat it. You need to describe your strengths and what you plan to bring to this company if you are given a chance to show yourself.

The text, which plays the role of a “business card” of the applicant, is small in volume – not more than half the page; than the text is shorter and more informative, the better. This is the complexity of the task for the applicant – to attract the attention of the employer to his candidacy, to stand out among other applicants with the help of 2-3 paragraphs.

Making a resume on a template and even attaching a photo to it, you will still be one of many impersonal candidates. To give your candidacy originality and increase your value in the eyes of a recruiter, enclose a cover letter in your CV.

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