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PowerPoint Presentation Creation

Presentations are made not only by managers at meetings. This is a useful skill that helps sell, convince and teach. With the help of these startups seduce investors, agents present actors, and nurse themselves. A beautiful presentation is a powerful tool with a long-term effect. A good speech is remembered, and a good presentation is stored on the computer.

The slide format is well suited for instructions. One slide is one action. Training presentations are used by teachers in higher education institutions and senior staff to train newcomers to the company.

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Our PowerPoint Presentation Service is for Everyone

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I needed a presentation to my report to the conference. I do not know how to make them interesting and timed. The author made a classy presentation, he picked up the pictures himself, even in the text of the report noted the moments when I need to switch slides.

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Preparing a presentation on the history of Antiquity was necessary. This topic I know well, but there were difficulties to choose high-quality pictures, all this is inserted in PowerPoint so that it looks presentable.

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I was written a thesis by myself. Of course, there were a lot of insertions from the Internet. I tried to rewrite them, but the uniqueness was only 83%. The timing was tight, so I had to study the material and prepare a presentation.
I am text describing this person.

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The Idea of Presentation

1. Formulate a theme

It is difficult to listen to the interlocutor, who jumps from one to another, so the presentation should have only one topic. Otherwise, you will get a long story about nothing. The topic should be narrow enough to offer a solution to the problem at the end. Narrow the subject until the presentation can be summarized in ten short paragraphs.

It is easy to determine a good topic – it will help to make the structure of the speech.

2. Define the goal

A good presentation changes the current picture of the world. For example, people are beginning to care for the environment or are running after a new smartphone. The goal does not need to be ambitious, most importantly concrete.

The good purpose of the presentation begins with the question: what do I want to change the behavior of listeners.

When a performance has a goal, you become precise in behavior and content. It’s like in life: when you know why, then you do it clearly, as it should, even through complexity.

If you are going to speak from the stage, formulate a goal. It will help you to decide why you need it, and what you want from listeners. We in IGRO call it “to make a speech act.”

And if you are going to simply “report” or “inform,” use the messenger or mail. The result is the same, but time and energy (your and your audience) will be saved.

3. Consider the scenario

The purpose of the presentation is what you want to change in the head of the listener, and the script is how you will come to these changes.

Imagine that you are composing a story. The listener should be intrigued, come up with an exciting hero, lead him through the difficulties to a victorious final. This is the basic structure of any text and presentation.

4. Show examples

Less theory – more life. Show how your product works and how people use it. Real stories of people, screenshots of programs and live photos of the product look more convincing than dry text and photos from photoshoots.

Technical Requirements

5. The texts are shorter

One slide is one thought. Such a slide is easy to read and remember. If you are speaking publicly, he will support the attention of the audience. How much text will be on the slide depends on the size of the audience. If a person reads a presentation on the screen, the paragraph of the text will not scare him. If you speak in front of an audience of one hundred people, reading more than ten words on the slide will be difficult.

6. Strip the slides

Presentation – as a text. If the text consists of sentences of the same length and one kind, it will be boring to read. There is no rhythm. Therefore, alternate text slides and slides with images, add graphics. Sometimes you can joke. The presentation should have a balance. 80 slides from the concise text – visually boring. Tired. 80 creative slides – the reverse situation – the brain explodes from creativity.

7. Fewer colors

The presentation should have 1-2 primary colors. For example, for background, text, and icons. Observe the chosen sequence and do not change colors unnecessarily. It is difficult to choose colors on your own, especially if you are not a designer. If you are making a corporate presentation, use branded colors.

If there are no branded colors, use the sites for selecting colors. There are presented ready-made combinations, which are pleasant to look at.

8. More contrast

White on blue can look nice on your computer with a Retina screen. But if you have to show the presentation through the projector, the text will not be read. Therefore use contrasting colors. The biggest contrast is black and white. The rest can be checked using the contrast checking service.

9. Fewer fonts

One font is enough to create a presentation. Take a modern sans-serif font: Open Sans, Roboto, PT Sans (these fonts can be used for free). These are simple fonts that are easy to read. Check it out simply: move away from the screen and try to read the header. If you read easily – you guessed. Accents can be done by changing the richness of the font.

10. The Rule of Thirds

This rule of creating presentations helps to arrange objects on the slide so that the eye immediately identifies the most important. Divide the slide one-third along and across. Place important objects at intersections. Significant objects are headings and illustrations.

PowerPoint Presentation Prices

The presentation helps the speaker and manager in the negotiations to hold attention and explain the difficulty. It is easier for the listener to see the graph than to perceive the statistics by ear.

Recently, teachers are increasingly demanding to accompany abstracts, term papers and diploma papers with presentations. Also, even if there was no direct requirement, such support of the work helps it to look more profitable and receive higher grades. Alas, not everyone knows how to make a presentation, and time is often not enough. The easiest way out of this predicament is to order the presentation in PowerPoint.

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Do You Need a PowerPoint Presentation Urgent?

We always do any work on conscience, so we are not afraid to give our clients full legal guarantees – to conclude official contracts and issue receipts for payment. These documents guarantee the absolute uniqueness of presentations and their high quality, as well as the timeliness and confidentiality of the provision of services.

There are certain requirements for the design of the presentation of the thesis. Following these requirements, it is possible to facilitate the visual perception of information by the members of the commission.

However, before the creation of the presentation, you will have to do a great job of writing the speech, because it is the basis for commenting on the slides of the entire presentation as a whole.

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