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First Writing Service offers a wide variety of custom academic works in order to meet your requirements. You can be absolutely sure that placing online order for academic essay writing from our service you will be paired with the most experienced and qualified academic writer in the field you need. Our professional academic writers are trained experts who have been preparing academic papers for several years. Thus, when you choose to buy academic paper from First Writing Service you have zero doubts in the quality of the work you are going to receive. Customers from over 35 countries choose our writing company to assign their task to. We believe it’s a merit of our priceless writing staff, who do cares about every single order our writers perform. Below is the list of services we offer and you can choose the way we can be helpful in meeting your academic needs.

Writing an Annotated Bibliography

Every time you ask yourself “how should I write my bibliography” you have to surf the Internet first, then compile all the information found in order to understand what exactly does your professor expect to receive. We’ll try to ease your pain.

A bibliography is a list of sources (journals, periodicals, books, websites, etc.) that were used in researching a certain topic. It usually includes only the bibliographic information which is the author’s name, title, publisher and so on. An annotation means a summary or evaluation. Thus, an annotated bibliography has to include a summary of each source one used in his or her research. Every source has to be followed by a brief (100-250 words) descriptive and evaluative review, the annotation. The annotation must be written in a way to inform the reader of the quality, accuracy, and relevance of the sources used.

Annotated bibliography is mostly used as a part of a research project. In this case, make sure to use proper works to cite. Using tabloid as a source in Astronomy project writing is not acceptable as it makes your reader doubt in the adequacy of the written. However, the same tabloid may be a good illustration of modern society values when writing a research on Sociology. Your annotated bibliography and the research you do must correlate with the same topic.

Annotated bibliography topics may vary if you write one as an independent assignment. Nevertheless, try to narrow your topic as much as you can. The more specific is the topic, the more involved and interested you get while researching one. Instead of writing on threadbare Religion topic, try to cover Last Days in different religions or the problem of intolerance or everything else you feel you need to write about. Source choosing is going to be much easier if you define your topic more precisely.

The format of writing bibliography requires two components to be used: the Citation and the Annotation. If the latter is quite understandable thing to write, the citation style is one of those aspects your professor should clarify. An annotation usually includes the following points:

  • A brief review of the source
  • Its strengths and weaknesses
  • The conclusions of the source
  • Why you find this one relevant
  • An evaluation of methods used in research (if applicable)
  • Your conclusions about this source

As mentioned before, the citation should be formatted in the style your professor requires. Common formatting styles include APA, MLA, and Chicago. You can find annotated bibliography template in any textbook you have on your table right now, and the only thing you need is to study out the differences between citation style.

To spend your time in a more efficient and pleasant just delegate this task to First Writing Service. Be sure the academic writer assigned to your order knows ins and outs of all existing formatting styles. We research various sources and do summaries better than any other service. When you buy annotated bibliography from us, your writer can put together a paper that uses your sources or those ones that we find.

Writing a Case Study

If you are wondering what exactly this kind of academic writing is you will be glad to know case studies are no more than just “narrowed” essay papers built around an individual person, problem or issue, company or organization and so on. Similar to a research paper, case studies require student to prove the thesis statement of the project.

In contrast to argumentative essays, case studies are more intended to describe an individual or a group of people precisely without giving any comments. But still you are supposed to prove a central thesis in any case study you write. Buying custom case study from First Writing Service, you will see that properly written paper has to give detailed information about a certain subject you’ve chosen without offering similarities or comparisons to other related areas.

Case studies are a very common assignment in business writing. Economics, finance and business professors will require you to perform case studies for their classes. You are most likely will be asked to complete a task on marketing, organization’s internal leadership, advertising methods, revenue stream or any other specific subject to research.

The purpose of case studies is to make students hyper-focus their writing around a specific individual, company or group of people. By doing so, students can gather a vast amount of data pertaining to the “case” they are writing about, which allows the insightful research or “study” to be done. So if you choose to buy a case study from First Writing Service, you can be sure that the case study you receive will be well-researched and perfectly written; proper research is vital for the success of these papers, so let our experienced writing staff help you out!

Writing a Term Paper

Writing a term paper is an upper-division course task you just can avoid. Term paper is a long project writing at the end of the semester, which counts for a significant part of your final grade. Mainly, you are going to do lots of research and meet with your professor every week to show your progress. However, with other tasks going on this one may be hard and quite time-consuming to finish without a hitch. We can help you as there is always an option to buy course paper from First Writing Service and concentrate on writing the other assignments you surely have.

Your professor will let you know how and what are you expected to write about, and you will find plenty of tips on how to write term papers online, in addition.

First of all, you have to follow instructions given and discuss them if you have even a hint on a doubt. And do not wait until the last moment, try to plan your time as term paper writing is too serious for “my dog ate my paper” excuses. If you feel you are out of time, do not hesitate to contact us as you are able to buy term paper online anytime you need it!

The next step is to choose the topic of your research paper. If you are able to choose one on your own, put some thought into your decision. You have to be sure the topic fulfills the paper assignment and fits the length, research resources and analytical tools you intend to use. Try to pick a topic you are interested in; it will be much easier for you to devote your efforts and time to studying the subject and to write about it. If you have no idea what topic to choose, let our writers select one for you as this option is available when you buy custom term papers from First Writing Service.

The analysis should be a common thread of the research you do. The biggest error many writers make is to use the main body paragraphs to create a bunch of facts and to wait until the conclusion to explain what they mean. This approach is really boring and unacceptable. When you buy a term paper from 1writingservice you may never worry about paper structure and readability and your readers will be impressed by your analytical skills.

Writing a Research Paper

There will definitely come a time in every student’s career when he or she is assigned a research paper. This kind of a task creates a great deal of unneeded worriments, which often result in a feeling of confusion and procrastination. Never fear — 1writingservice academic research writers are always ready to solve your problems!

To make your assignment interesting, yet scientific and solid, you need to develop some idea and to infect the mind of your reader with it. The majority of students think that only fantastic and outstanding research paper ideas worth writing about. Of course, it’s a fallacy as you are free to choose any topic, even if it seems insignificant at first. Once you start writing it usually turns out to be more interesting and challenging, no matter you are talking about matches or royal rhymes.

Every single research paper example on our website can insure you in a quality of English academic writing we provide. Students from different corners of the world buy research papers from First Writing Service, not only to get an A+ project but for a rewarding experience one may use in his or her academic life and career.

Writing a Thesis

Thesis is a research report that concerns a particular problem or series of problems in the area of research. If you a wondering how to write a good thesis the main thing you have to bear in mind is that a thesis is not an answer on what your professor’s asking; the reader usually is the one to set the question. You are required to have a strong background of a progress in the field you research – what is known about the problem, what are the methods of solving one, what you think those results can mean. The readers of your thesis have no idea what the “answer” is. Your task is not only to explain what you are doing, but to show why do they have to care as well.

When writing a PhD thesis, structure is the thing to pay special attention to. Structure plays a central role in making your thesis understandable to the reader. It has to guide your readers to the places in the text where these questions can be clearly answered:

  • What is the significance of the thesis?
  • What are the original findings?
  • What has been achieved when researching the problem?
  • Are you contributing something original to the field?
  • Are there any recommendations?

You may also find these questions useful when writing a thesis proposal. Thesis proposal is usually presented to a committee, who is supposed to be convinced in originality of your concept/theory/model. Your goal is to focus your research aims, emphasize its importance, predict problems, and plan alternatives to prevent those and improve the result.

You may think that writing a thesis is a long, difficult task. Actually, it is a long, difficult task and thesis format only adds to the problem. Besides of different formatting styles such as Chicago or Turabian, there is a huge list of requirements from paper type, fonts and margins up to footnotes and reference materials. This may seem as useless and time-consuming tasks, still those requirements need to be followed. When you buy thesis online on 1writingservice you can rest easy knowing there is no need to worry about structure, format and scientific novelty of your thesis, as your academic future is in safe keeping now!