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If you urgently need a powerpoint presentation, a book review, a movie review or an article review, search no more as we are here to help you with your high-quality content. Individual writing is not an easy thing. To write an interesting article or create a substantial presentation, you should have some creative topics to cover and take plenty of details and factors into account. So, let’s check them!

There is not much difference between writing an article review or writing book reviews. In spite of this, our writers have some creative writing skills that will help to provide you quality academic article review.




The review is a more severe indicator of the pithiness of the movie than the trailer. Critics explain dignities and flaws in movies, compare films and draw conclusions especially for the audience.




Book Review

A necessity to express your attitude to the book is the motive force for the literature review writing. In a word, it is an effort to find out and release the impressions caused by the opus through knowledge in the branches of literary theory.




PowerPoint Presentations

Nowadays, talking about your scientific research is not enough for a successful speech. Summary of the statements, accompanying photos, specific schemes or blueprints will help you to be more convincing and clear.




PowerPoint Presentation
Presentation Requirements
  • Guy Kawasaki offers to make presentations by the principle of “10.20.30”. The essence of the principle is ten slides in the presentation, 20 minutes for a presentation, 30th font text on the slides.
  • If you can replace the text with the picture – you should do it.
  • Despite all, the speaker is in the spotlight, not a presentation.

And it’s no wonder because a person can absorb 10-70% of the heard information, 20-72% of the seen information and 65-85% of the seen and heard data at the same time.

Book Review Format
  • Bibliographic scrutiny of the novel (the author’s name, the title, the year of publication) and a brief and catchy retelling of the point.
  • A narration about your impressions in a short form.
  • A critical or a subjective analysis of the particular book (analysis of the title meaning, the structure and the point of the text, characteristics of the main heroes and the assessment of the writer’s style).
  • A reasoned assessment of the product. Personal reflections of the reviewed author and enumeration the basic idea of the review.

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Book Review
Movie Review
Rules for Writing Movie Reviews
  • It is better to start working on the review instantly after watching the film. It allows you to describe the experience brighter.
  • The introduction should briefly reflect the concept of the video product. You can also write about the main line of the plot or, for example, list the names of the main heroes.
  • Analyze the movie. Is the primary idea embodied in the film? Make a conclusion.
  • Express the overall impression of the film.

Besides, movie trailers or other examples of movie reviews will help you in writing your article.

How to Write an Article Review?
  • Define the subject of review and its audience.
  • Find and prepare a severe scientific basis for review.
  • Consider the problem from different angles, but remember that you should be critical and consistent.
  • Consider the comments of other reviewers but include the result of your exploration at the same time.

People usually try anyways to benefit from writing article reviews for money. But you should look only for creative writing ideas if you want to buy a review from your mate or any other freelancer.

Article Review

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